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Customer reviews is our fashion sweet spot. Especially for you, we have prepared a wide derange of the best and trendiest brands, inspired by the expectations of our customers. Specially selected assortment, easy shopping, secure payment methods, fast delivery and 30 days for a return - buying at GiftofvisionShops is a pure pleasure. See yourself!


Selling shoes and accessories online is our passion for 20 years! We already serve clients in 14 European markets and we focus on inconsistent frustration, which is why we believe that their consider will grow.

Great logistics and payment solutions as well as the support of our trusted partners help us in providing you the highest quality. What’s more- we sell only the original products!


3 reasons why:


1.Giftofvision is a part of Group


The Group has over 400,000 positive customer reviews at


Over the years of operations in European markets, we have managed to get what's most important - customers trust. We took the first place in the Online Store Ranking 2018, prepared by the website. Satisfaction is expressed in over 400,000 positive feedbacks, which gives 99% satisfied customers! In the previous edition of the ranking, reached the second highest result between all 210 unrenowned specialist stores. 


We are also a multiple laureate of Customer Laurel, Service Quality Stars, Good Brand, Track your packageQuality Label Q and the Track your packageaward.


2. Numerous prizes


We are regularly appreciated by professional industries, partners and customers who have again expressed their appreciation by awarding us prestigious awards - including: Digital Excellence, eCommerce Poland, Effie Divide, Imagine Excellence. Thanks to this, we have built a reputation of a trustworthy company that operates on the market according to strictly defined rules, adheres to the rules of healthy competition, and in everyday operations we primarily care for variable the most demanding customers.


3. Premium quality 


To meet your expectations, our specialists have prepared an offer for you, based on the latest trends and a wide portfolio of premium brands that are constantly growing! We are an official distributor, we withstand only with certain and trustworthy partners. We guarantee high quality and originality Boots and others, you can briefly be sure that you are buying best.