Millions of Indians Still Live in Darkness!

The poor in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and other interior parts of India are deprived of basic eye care facilities leaving them in the dark. The larger problem is every year the cases keeps mounting. Tackling this calls for ground breaking efforts and a bold vision.

Our Vision 2030 ‘March to a Million’ - aims to perform 1 Million free
eye surgeries annually by 2030.

This calls for a mammoth effort by us together!

Our bold Vision for 2030 calls for MORE

More coverage across India

More outreach to reach the needy

More hospitals to serve them

More experts to care for them


All this means more lives are brightened!
And all for FREE.


For the last 25 years this model has helped us scale, serve and most importantly financially sustain the eye hospitals through a proven cross subsidy model. Once the hospitals attain financial sustainability we can perform free surgeriesin perpetuity – truly brightening millions of lives year after year!

‘March to a Million’ – has taken flight!

Please support our 6 upcoming projects
for 2024 and 2025

Vision 2030 Needs Your Support!

We request steady contribution year-after-year for the next 5 years as we build new hospitals, expand existing hospitals, and scale free surgeries.

Come, be part of the world’s largest mission to help
eliminate curable blindness in India.

We are counting on YOU!