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An old woman

A queue of old men and women made their way into the waiting room outside the operation theatre, where they would change into scrubs for their impending cataract surgery.  An old woman, her green saree pallu over her head, was mumbling something as she passed through the door. It sounded like a quick prayer to her favorite deity. She looked upbeat as we asked her to pose for a few pictures.


Living the Life of Service

“There is a saying that when you are down, lift someone up”, says Sonal Solanki who has been volunteering with Sankara since 2005. In 2004, she lost her father in a car accident. “Devastated by grief I knew I had to find a meaningful way to deal with the loss.”


A Passion for Music

Just like his namesake Murali Krishnamurthy – our CEO, and the founder of SEF, USA – is a connoisseur of music.  Once during a fundraising event, one of the introductory singers did not turn up. As the organizers were wondering how they could manage the large crowd until the arrival of the lead singer, they turned to Murali.


Yeh Dosti

“We are best friends, and we take care of each other!” Vanita and Nirmala, two neighbors and best friends, had come to the Sankara Eye Hospital in Panvel to get their cataract surgeries done. Both in their late 60s, their children were grown up and had moved to the cities for better opportunities.


Samdhi - Samdhan

She takes care of my daughter!  Kalyani-bai, a sixty-plus woman, well-dressed in her blue nine yard saree, sat aristocratically waiting for her turn at the eye check-up camp organized by Sankara, with Light of Life NGO at Dhasai, a small village in Maharashtra.


A Band of Nurses

It takes a village to raise a child, and an army of medical professionals to run a hospital!  And when it's Sankara Hospitals, we ensure no stone is left unturned. Because with Sankara, it's not just medical services offered.  Often it's also learning a new language!


Maaji Dekh Sakte ho

20 minutes' walk till the eye camp, and 45 kms away till the eye hospital.  Could a 74-year-old woman make it? For someone who had thought she had gone permanently blind, Sabra Khatun, from one of the most impoverished villages in remote Bihar, was surprised when she made her first journey till the eye camp


All for a girl

A father’s unconditional love Shanker is the proud father of little Chhoti Kumari, a 13-year-old smart Math genius.  Chhoti Kumari loves biking and acing her math exams in school. But all this became a distant reality when, last year, her eyesight started diminishing. She was too small to understand what was happening to her.


Abharana's Journey

Abharana and her father Jawahar share their inspiring story about Abharana's free eye surgery from Sankara Eye Foundation. Her family shares the positive impact it has made in her life today.  Now Abharana can go back to school and has a bright future ahead of her! This is all due to the support of our amazing donors.


A"Thumbs-Up" from Sukanya

Sukanya, a seven-year-old girl attending a local government school, suffered from bilateral cataracts since birth and only had one-fifth of her normal vision. Her condition was first diagnosed when she was in the first grade after her parents took her to a local eye doctor.  However, they could not afford the cost of surgery. 


A New lease of Life at 72

Ramaswamy, age 72, suffered from cataract in both his eyes. He was unable to see beyond a few feet and struggled to complete basic chores. His condition also restricted him from participating in activities he once loved, such as riding his bicycle. Ramaswamy gave up hope of getting his vision back due to his age, lack of financial resources, and his physical distance from the hospital.


Detrimental Impact on Wage Earners

Chitra, age 42, suffered from cataracts in both her eyes. This condition started to impact her home life and her ability to earn daily wages through farm work. She attended a free eye camp conducted by Sankara Eye Foundation. At the camp, she was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and transported to Sankara’s base hospital for treatment.


Living with A Life Long Scar No More

Sneha, 12 years old is the older of the twin sisters. She was born a healthy baby, but for the squint in her eye. As she grew older she became a victim of mockery and bullying at school. Her parents were worried that such incidents in her life would affect her adversely. Sankara Eye Foundation's Rainbow Program identifies school children for visual defects with the help of teachers and transfers those requiring treatment to the base hospital. Sneha is a beneficiary of this program.


Meet Rangammal

Rangammal is a widow who was needlessly suffering from curable blindness. Thanks to your generous donation and support, she has received a free life changing surgery from Sankara Eye Foundation. Now she can earn a living - giving her back her dignity and a brighter future.


Don’t leave him.Tackle.To your Left.Pass.GOALLLLLL!!!

Don’t leave him.Tackle.To your Left.Pass.GOALLLLLL!!! Loud cheers erupted the otherwise peaceful morning at this football field where the “Girls in Red” played against the local boys of a remote village in Bihar.Running shoulder to shoulder with the boys, these girls are the forerunners of Akhand Jyoti’s Football to Eyeball program.


Alone at 70

Nirmala Mahatme lives in a small cottage near the village of Banoti Gaon in Maharashtra.Since last couple of years, she was unable to see clearly.She was losing her vision.It affected her work, her farming and even her daily activities.Her children, now grown up with their own families, live far away in the big cities, themselves trying tomake a decent living.

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