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Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho! A popular slogan that fits our Himadriji perfectly!
From the word go, Himadri Chakraborty – the executive director of Netaji Eye Hospital, West Bengal - is a flurry of activities – he just manages to be everywhere.

Venkat Garu - Leading from the front since 2000
Either we have to sacrifice family life, or get the family involved in this cause!Venkat Maddipati or Venkat-garu as we fondly call him, smiles as he talks about the humungous challenge accepted by Sankara Eye Foundation, USA – its trustees, staff, and volunteers.
Dr Rajesh Kapsi - More than just a doctor
What does it take to be a doctor to hundreds of patients who cannot pay for your services? “I learn more from them than I can impart”, says Dr Rajesh Kapse, Head of the Medical Department at R Jhunjhunwala Sankara Hospital, Panvel in Maharsahtra.
Sonal Solanki - Wow Volunteer!
“There is a saying that when you are down, lift someone up”, says Sonal Solanki who has been volunteering with Sankara since 2005. In 2004, she lost her father in a car accident. “Devastated by grief I knew I had to find a meaningful way to deal with the loss.”
Can the day of Eye Surgery be Her Lucky Day?
A queue of old men and women made their way into the waiting room outside the operation theatre, where they would change into scrubs for their impending cataract surgery.

Arjun - The Math Teacher in Remote Bihar
The distance from the eye camp held by Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital to the beneficiary’s home in the village was a good half an hour walk.
Women First with Football to Eyeball initiative
Loud cheers erupted the otherwise peaceful morning at this football field where the “Girls in Red” played against the local boys of a remote village in Bihar.

Let's ask Sabra Khatun: Maaji, Dekh Sakte ho?
For someone who had thought she had gone permanently blind, Sabra Khatun, from one of the most impoverished villages in remote Bihar, was surprised when she made her first journey till the eye camp,
What were Chhoti Kumari's parents thinking? All for a girl!!
Shanker is the proud father of little Chhoti Kumari, a 13-year-old smart Math genius.Chhoti Kumari loves biking and acing her math exams in school. But all this became a distant reality when, last year, her eyesight started diminishing.
At Panvel's R Jhunjhunwala Eye Hospital, meet this Band of Nurses
It takes a village to raise a child, and an army of medical professionals to run a hospital!  And when it's Sankara Hospitals, we ensure no stone is left unturned. Because with Sankara, it's not just medical services offered. Often it's also learning a new language!
Nirmala Mahatme is No more Dependent
Alone at 70, Nirmala Mahatme lives in a small cottage near the village of Banoti Gaon in Maharashtra. Since last couple of years, she was unable to see clearly.  She was losing her vision.  It affected her work, her farming and even her daily activities.  
The mutual understanding between this Jodi of Samdhi - Samdhan
She takes care of my daughter!  Kalyani-bai, a sixty-plus woman, well-dressed in her blue nine yard saree, sat aristocratically waiting for her turn at the eye check-up camp organized by Sankara, with Light of Life NGO at Dhasai, a small village in Maharashtra.  
Yeh Dosti between Nirmala and Vanita is so Heartwarming
“We are best friends, and we take care of each other!” Vanita and Nirmala, two neighbors and best friends, had come to the Sankara Eye Hospital in Panvel to get their cataract surgeries done.
With his perfect tunes, Muraliji is our Sing Song CEO
Just like his namesake Murali Krishnamurthy – our CEO, and the founder of SEF, USA – is a connoisseur of music.  Once during a fundraising event, one of the introductory singers did not turn up.
When women lead, the world looks up...
Sankara is not an organisation, its a large family.Meet Mrs. Kala, the better half of our CEO Mr Murali Krishnamurthy, as she talks about her experiences about being involved with Sankara's events and activities.