Dr Rajesh Kapsi - More than just a doctor

What does it take to be a doctor to hundreds of patients who cannot pay for your services?

“I learn more from them than I can impart”, says Dr Rajesh Kapse, Head of the Medical Department at R Jhunjhunwala Sankara Hospital, Panvel in Maharsahtra.

It is not just a testament to my expertise, it is a test of my patience, understanding and humanity.  

Sankara is my opportunity to serve.

Few get this kind of opportunity where you can earn and continue your career while being able to serve the millions who are waiting to receive your kindness and compassion.

This is more than a doctor’s duty, it is our duty to humankind.

We follow strict protocols; everything is like clockwork.
Registering the patients, pre-operative check-ups, documentation, preparation for surgery, post-operative care, and discharge.

It is the Sankara way.

There is no difference between the way we treat the private patients and the ones coming from the free camps.
Every patient is just that, a patient.

Perhaps, we are a bit more compassionate towards the camp patients. Because they need to be educated about their condition, we need to give them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel, literally!

I think I have become a better person after joining this hospital.