A proud father!

Shanker is the proud father of little Chhoti Kumari, a 13-year-old smart Math genius.

Chhoti Kumari loves biking and acing her math exams in school.

But all this became a distant reality when, last year, her eyesight started diminishing.

She was too small to understand what was happening to her.

The writing on the blackboard had become blurry.

When one day, she fell off her bicycle and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The local doctor conducted a quick eye exam and asked her parents to take her to the big city for a proper eye check-up.

Several trips to Patna and about 80,000 INR later, there was still no solution to the problem.

The neighbors further discouraged saying, “Why waste so much money on a girl child?”

But Shanker was determined, he did not differentiate between his son and daughter.

Even though he is just a small farmer, he was ready to spend whatever he could to regain his daughter’s vision.

A local social worker asked him to try out Akhand Jyoti Hospital, 45 kms from Patna. She was diagnosed with cataract in both her eyes.

Today, Chhoti Kumari has more than 50% of her vision back. And soon, the rest will be restored too!

She is rearing to return to school. And ace her math paper again.

Here’s to the proud parents of Chhoti Kumari, as we celebrate Parents’ Day on 23th July, 2023.