With his perfect tunes, Muraliji is our Sing Song CEO

Just like his namesake Murali Krishnamurthy – our CEO, and the founder of SEF, USA – is a connoisseur of music.  

Once during a fundraising event, one of the introductory singers did not turn up.

As the organizers were wondering how they could manage the large crowd until the arrival of the lead singer, they turned to Murali.

And then, he enthralled the audience with his melodious renditions of old Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi numbers.  

So much so, that the audience wouldn’t leave without some “Once Mores”.

Just like his singing talent, Murali holds a distinctive talent of motivating his team, the volunteers, the families of volunteers, the funders and everyone around him.

Under his leadership, SEF USA has pledged to raise funds for a million surgeries per year by the year 2030.

We pledge: March to a Million, together with all our partners and associates.

Indeed, as Murali sings,

Jyot se jyot jalaate chalo,

Prem ki ganga bahate chalo...